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Business Coaching and Mentoring

  • At NAMEDI CONSULTING we believe that South Africa is at the cross roads of either building an economy premised on good Corporate Governance or sliding down a path we are yet to see but hope not to get there.
  • In the spirit of Corporate Governance, NAMEDI CONSULTING offers a mentorship module on governance for SMEs. By making the training module on corporate governance available for SMEs, NAMEDI CONSULTING recognises the financial pressures that they face.
  • NAMEDI CONSULTING bases its mentorship programme on King IV principles.
  • King IV has been intentionally structured to make governance benefits more accessible to SMEs. It does so by not focusing prescriptively on what should be done or what roles or committees are called but on what the desired outcomes are. Crucially, it introduces the key concept of proportionality, in terms of which organisations can scale the practices they adopt in accordance with their turnover and workforce size, their resources and the extent and complexity of their activities.
  • While SMEs are drivers in an economy that is both inclusive and growing, they can only do so if they can sustain their growth and provide stable livelihoods for more and more people.
  • Flexible and effective governance structures have a key role to play in the growth of SMEs into a corporation.
  • Good corporate governance can help  SMEs by making their leadership structures more effective and thus better able to support their strategic objectives.